Friday, June 29, 2007

Cat Naps

Okay, folks. This post is for cat-lovers and friends of cat lovers.

Our lovely kitties, like all kitties, have their own favored napping spaces and styles. This afternoon these are Fernando's and Oona's styles.

On this hot Summer day, SeƱor Fernando chooses the cool of downstairs, on the rug in front of the couch.

Then he repositions himself. He's a sweet, trusting cat and will spread out on his back, belly up, for a scratching without even opening his eyes.

I found Oona upstairs in the bathroom sink. This is how she acknowledged my presence.

Then she spread out in this inviting pose. Check out that awesome multicolored plume of a tail.

As I was ready to leave with the camera, she bestowed this enticing pose, showing her lovely markings.

As I've said many times, I believe cats neutralize bad vibes. Call that California woo-woo if you want. It works for us. I know our recent, and ongoing, family crises are eased by the soothing, often playful, presence of these sacred beasts.

My operating principle is that our cats' job is to entertain and amuse us, and in return we adore and worship them. Corby gets mad when I say they have a job. He says they're animals and have their own lives; they owe us nothing. We humans have messed with them by domesticating them and owe them respect and honor and care, but shouldn't expect them to do a job for us. In spite of his feelings, as our symbiosis with these two critters has grown, he's come round to my way to thinking.


Moonroot said...

What beautiful cats!
I like the idea that they neutralise bad vibes. Interestingly a dowser recently told me that cats often choose to sleep over what he described as 'energy blackspots'. He wasn't sure why, but he was theorising that what was 'negative' energy to us may be 'positive' to them. Or perhaps they neutralise it!

Anonymous said...

I lost my last cat 6 months ago. I decided not to replace him, which was good as my x's cat who looks just like the dear Fernando, but is ginger female got ill in Jan. Spent most of 5 months in the vets with daily visits from me until we discovered it was a brain tumour. Cost $18,000 for op with only 20% survival rate. Pleased to say Ali had the op., survived it and hopefully going out for the first time in 6 months within 10 days!
It will be an emotional day for sure. What I love about cats is their diff. characters! Ali's brother is as diff. from her as chalk and cheese!
I think cats think we are here to serve!!!!
hope u r well. x ann flowers

Panthera said...

Macha, they are sooooo beautiful and Oona when she's belly up makes me just want to rub her and bury my face in her soft fur. Zack has never been much of a belly up kinda guy but Smokey will sleep as if boneless with his belly up. I just wish I had a camera to catch them at it!

Jane said...

They are beautiful! Oona in particular is clearly a personality-plus sort of cat.