Monday, November 19, 2007

Keith Hennessey Gets "Goldie"

I last mentioned Keith Hennessey's work a year ago when I wrote about How To Die. I'd call him a friend, because I really like him and his work, except that we never hang out, so I guess he's more of an acquaintance. I first encountered him when he invoked the God at Reclaiming's Spiral Dance Samhain ritual way back in the days when it was at The Women's Building in the Mission District. His invocation left me panting. We know each other through Reclaiming circles, see each other socially and at tribal events like weddings, Obviously I'm a fan.
One of the most powerful theatrical experiences I've had was at the performance of Spell. We, the audience, outdoors in the yard of an industrial building that housed art galleries and a theater, hoisted up a dripping Keith from a tub to a Eucalyptus tree above. Dangling by one foot from the rope, with his body in the form of The Hanged Man and the roar of the Central Freeway practically right next to him, he implored the Ancestors for help. His prayer was so earnest and holy I nearly wept.

The good news is that the latest work of contemporary circus and performance by Keith and his colleagues in Circo Zero, called Sol Niger (Black Sun), will run again in January at Project Artaud. I missed its first run this past September because that month was too crazy for me to find a night to go. Enjoy this YouTube video.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the San Francisco Bay Guardian has thanked Keith for his work with the award of a Goldie in the category of dance/performance. Congratulations to Keith! May his message spread.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So Many Thoughts Running Round in My Head

I sure wish I had more time to blog. I have a good half-dozen juicy entries in my head. I hope they're not getting stale while they await my attention.

In the meantime, post-Samhain, I direct readers to Blog o'Gnosis and branches up, roots down, and my comments therein.

I'm off on my trusty broomstick to Between the Worlds in Wilmington, Delaware, and very excited at the prospect.