Friday, April 10, 2009

Victory Gardens & Other Food Sources

I hope you're as delighted as I that Michelle Obama has planted a garden on the White House lawn. I've been urging my colleagues in Marin Interfaith Council to plant them in their church yards to help feed the hungry at local food banks. (I live in a condo and have no yard to grow veggies.)

Our neighbors across the street have a couple of hens in their yard for eggs. I hear them clucking now and then. For weeks I've been hearing the crazy, distinct gobble of a turkey and have wondered where it lives. This morning when Corby looked up from the kitchen window, he saw this fellow, so went outside to take a few photos. He was not more than 10 feet from our front door.

We live in a small city of about 50,000, the Marin County seat, about 11 miles North of the Golden Gate Bridge. There are many feral turkeys in rural West Marin. I've not known them to be nearby until now. Maybe he's not feral at all. Maybe he's someone's pet.