Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yet Another Cool Pagan Blog

This one, Necropolis Now, is the effort of another cyber-friend, Caroline Tully, in Australia. She writes about some of my favorite entities. My assessment: "Very Witchy," a compliment coming from me.

Caroline wrote a fine article about Cherry Hill Seminary in the Australian Pagan press a couple of years ago. Someday -- soon I hope -- it will be viewable on the CHS website.

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Hadar said...

Wow, what a nice blog!
We sometimes are so busy thinking about politics and ethics, that we put theology aside - and her blog is fabulous and full of information.

Hi, Macha!

P.S. Silly thought for the day: It just occured to me that the Blogspot word verification phrase could make for a really nice magical name generator/divination tool.