Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Piece of Evidence

Among the many and complex reasons for my departure from Reclaiming is this one articulated by Anne Hill five years ago!

"How to Diss an Elder, the Dead, and Everyone Else"


Unknown said...

Enlightening to say the least, an so much seems so familiar to me. Macha I have shared with you some of my own experiences with the unnamed group I co-founded. It seems that there are always the few who have personal agendas that tend to drive the bus that is about to run you over while you walk in the crosswalk. I'm a "save the drama for your mamma" kinda witch, and reading this post from 5 years ago reminds me so much of why I had to dissolve my associations with our local pagan community. It's hard, it hurts, but you are who you are and you must stay true to yourself and your values. So be it if it means cutting the cord of toxic communities tainted by selfish intentions. )O(

Unknown said...

And come to think of it, there is a common denominator to both stories.... not that I am here to "flame" anyone.

Pitch313 said...

The worst and best thing about human affairs is that humans are at the duplicitous heart of gold of them!!!