Friday, June 27, 2008

What Happened?

I don't know what happened to the past two months. Yesterday we took Fernando and Oona to the vet for more shots and to see why Fernando is listless and losing weight (an infection, being treated with antibiotics), when the vet found a flea on Oona. He asked if we treated them, and we said sure, we'd just treated both of them with Advantage only three weeks ago. Well, as it turns out, it was two whole months ago. I swear I just bought the Advantage a few weeks ago. Sheesh, what happened to that time?

Well, for one my mother died. So did the parents of two of my friends. This week I have three Board of Directors meetings and one annual meeting. (Boards of FAWR, CHS and my homeowners association and annual meeting of MIC) Plus we managed to hold the CHS Summer Intensive, courtesy of the folks at AzureGreen and Silver Cauldron Coven in Maine. That was followed by a concentrated meeting of the Executive Director and the department chairs wherein we accomplished an amazing amount of work, news of which will be forthcoming from CHS in due time.

About that talk I gave via Skype in São Paulo, here's a photo and there are more here.

The bottom line is I'm too tired and confused to post anything particularly interesting or relevant to any readers I might have. Instead, I'll direct you to two other blogs.

First is today's Wild Hunt blog, which features news about my friend, Don Frew, and my candidate, Barack Obama.

Second is Threads of the Spiderwoman blog of my friend Lauren Raine, an amazingly talented Pagan artist. I'm looking forward to seeing her at Starwood next month.


Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you and yours a little peace and rest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Macha. I just remembered that I dreamed of you last night. All I remember at the moment is you gave me a piercing gaze. I was humbled. The dream featured my late dog Raja, who died a few months ago. I got to love on him again. It was beautiful.

Anyway, I dropped by to say hello and let you know that my thoughts and prayers are still very much with you as you grieve. I hope you find the time to tend to yourself in the ways that make the most sense right now.

It just occurred to me that your appearance last night may have something to do with my recent encounter with Kali Ma -- she introduced herself quite unexpectedly a couple weeks ago. I associate you with her based on the post (was that your guest post at Wild Hunt?) where you mentioned seeing her jeweled toe nails when you assisted a friend crossing over. It left a strong impression on me.

Hope your felines are up and at 'em again, flea free, dear Irish lady.

- Jaimie (of the line of Clancy)

Winterswan said...

I can relate to forgetting to do things such as applying flea medication(didn't I just do that???) as I find my life to be extremely busy as well. Last night I came downstairs on three separate occasions only to realize I'd forgotten what I came downstairs for (until I'd arrived back at the top of the stairs again-argh!!!). It sounds like you have quite a bit on your plate; I wish for good health for your little ones and hope that you will find peace and love in your community during this time of sadness over the loss of your Mother. I stumbled across your website while purusing the site for the Covenant of the Goddess. I've really been searching for community lately of the witchy variety and am always happy when I find people within the Craft with whom I can relate. Blessings to you and yours.