Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pentacle Quest Celebration

Here's where I'll be this Sunday. I hope as many locals as can will join us. This is the only West Coast commemoration of this historic attainment.

Pagans to celebrate court victory and honor our own war dead.

The Pagan Alliance invites you to participate in a ceremony celebrating the recent settlement of the religious-discrimination suit against the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Under terms of the settlement, the VA will now include the pentacle on its list of 39 emblems of belief approved for use on headstones, grave markers and memorial plaques.

Please join the Pagan Alliance on Sunday, May 6 at 2 p.m. at the Iraq War memorial adjacent to the Lafayette BART station. We will consecrate the site, place pentacle markers to honor the two known Pagan soldiers who lost their lives in the conflict in Iraq, and we will celebrate the freedom-of-religion victory. The ritual will be led by Druid James Bianchi, a member of the Pagan Alliance.

The memorial is on Deer Hill Road, between Thompson Road and Oak Hill Road, directly facing the Lafayette BART station parking lot. For more information about the memorial site, please consult this website, which was created before the case settlement.

Banners, flags, drums and ritual garb are encouraged. Veterans and active-duty members are invited to wear military uniforms. Media coverage is anticipated. Because of extreme fire danger on the hill there will be no smudging, incense, candles or any open flame. We will consecrate the site using water from Brigid’s well. Accompanied children are welcome.

Please bring one small pebble with you and plan to leave it behind on the site. Let’s show the world that we deeply value our constitutional rights and the terrible sacrifices being made by our young men and women. We will gather directly outside the BART station in the area facing the handicapped parking lot and will process across the street to hold the ritual.

If possible please consider using BART instead of driving to the site. Sunday BART schedule from San Francisco to Lafayette can be found here. Sunday BART schedule from Pittsburg/Bay Point to Lafayette can be found here.
For more about this entire campaign, watch for the release of the film "A Hero Denied."


Persephone said...

Being a native of Northern California, my heart and mind easily lept to your location. I would love to hear how ritual went. I have a dear pagan friend who served his own time over there and have been following and participating in this long battle.
I am looking forward to your update, if any is offered.

Persephone said...

Why on earth was I speaking as if this event already occured? Forgive my blunder.....