Monday, May 07, 2007

Beltane at Bodega Bay

We made our annual drive out to Bodega Bay for Anne Hill's annual Beltane bash. This is the second year at a new place. Last year Corby cut a new Maypole. It warped a bit since we first used it last year but it still looks fine, just a slight bow in it. Victoria took lots of great photos that I'm sure she'll have on her site soon. In the meantime, I share these three:

An interesting shot of vibing the vibrating empowered
pole, shows my poppy tatts.

Corby stoking the cone of power.
That's Patrick in the background.
The blond fellow is Thorn's friend Robert,
and one of JoJo's teen pals is hanging out the window.

Thorn and me (terrible photo), diedhards when
it comes to keeping up the magical energy


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Macha. I will download copies of them for myself! Corby was so helpful in bringing that tree up here last year, I can't thank him enough. This year, as I dressed and blessed the pole prior to the day, I realized that what I've needed these past two years was exactly that kind of energy: fast-growing, quick-rooting tree energy.

Now that I feel somewhat more grounded in my new life, I will put out the call to my friends living out in the woods for a redwood or doug fir that needs thinning, that I can work with to make a more permanent, non-warping, rot-resistant pole. This is a challenging climate for wood, and I want to always have such a joyous maypole dance at my house!

Beltane blessings,

Unknown said...

I love your poppy tattoo!

what a wonderful blog :)...many thanks, and blessings... Debbi Grenn