Monday, December 11, 2006

Spiral Dance

The promised -- and anticipated (by some) -- critique of the 2006 Spiral Dance, in terms of its technical deficiencies, appears below on December 5, the day I started to write it. Other SD reviews here and here.

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Dharma Kelleher said...

It reminds me of a women's retreat I once went on. In many ways, it was a disaster. And yet, I came away with a deeper understanding of things that trigger me and a great opportunity to practice forgiveness.

Rituals (whether a big production or a personal incantation) are ultimately about intention and helping the energy to move. Even if someone sings off-key or screws up calling the Four Corners or even goes counter-clockwise when they should have gone clockwise, it doesn't have to be a disaster. It can simply be an acknowledgement that we are human, that we all make mistakes, and that it is important to recognize our Oneness.

Blessed Be,