Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reclaiming Tradition History & Lore Archives

20 March 2013


I, M. Macha NightMare, aka Aline O’Brien, have transferred all of my e-collection, including listserve archives, of miscellaneous Reclaiming history and lore to Slippery Elm, aka Geordie McIntyre Kennedy.

Other early Reclaiming papers, notes, and ephemera have been sent, and continue to be sent, to the New Alexandrian Library in Delaware, where they will be catalogued and archived.  Some sensitive materials will remain sealed for some years and available, in time, to credible researchers.

Having disaffiliated myself from all Reclaiming organizations, and having been the keeper, both casually and later officially, of various history and lore materials (i.e., when and how certain chants and songs came into use; earlier forms of teaching and organization; earlier constellations of personnel; etc.), and feeling that these data are worth being preserved for others and for future generations, I have chosen to entrust this material to a younger person still active in the tradition.

I have chosen Slippery Elm based on our personal relationship, his word as a poet, and his dedication to Craft.

All inquiries about access to this material may be directed to Slippery Elm at
and/or the New Alexandrian Library.  I remain available to respond to personal queries if, in Slippery’s judgment, they are appropriate.

This transfer of materials marks another step on a personal path that diverges from my “mother trad.”

Spring cleaning done!


TPW said...

My heart quickens whenever I read a piece that uses the term "these data." Irregular plurals get so little respect.

Zara said...

Interestinng read