Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guest Blogging

My Mother, Elizabeth (Betty)

My latest blog is over at The Wild Hunt. Jason honored me by asking me to be among his guest bloggers while he took a vacation. Other guest bloggers this week are Cat Chapin-Bishop, Anne Hill, T. Thorn Coyle, Chas S. Clifton, and Deborah Oak Cooper. Such awesome company!

I've posted today more about dying and death, inspired by the recent passing of my mother, pictured above. Come back later because I know this won't be the last of it.

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Dj Connell said...

Hi Micha,

I posted at comment on your post at the Wild Hunt blog, but I also wanted to write a personal note and say "Thank you" for sharing that with us. My thoughts are with you.

We lost my Dad several years ago, and my sister just before that. I also just lost my dog to cancer (which does not compare, I know, but I expect you know that all grief is relative).

Here are my notes about my experience at my sister Aeron's side in her last days:

The Pagan Book of Living & Dying meant a lot to me back then and still does. I gave a copy of it to Areon's Priestess and to this day she uses it in her work, as do I.


Sia Vogel