Friday, February 22, 2008

More Photos

Here's another to which I was alerted by a Witch in South Carolina. We're doing our opening routine, "We represent the Besom Brigade...." to the tune of the Munchkin song from The Wizard of Oz. I expect more photos and will continue to post them as I learn of or receive them.*

Photo by Gary Mattingly. More here.

* I'm available to teach these routines in person.


dale-harriet said...

Howdy - I've been reading for a spell (no pun intended, truly!) and have to say, this looks like the GREATEST fun!! Of course - any of *us* withOUT a sense of humor are looking for sanguinity and more's the pity. I'd have loved to see your performance (listen for the sound of applause from the east!)

Beth Owl's Daughter said...

Oh, these are so wonderful, Macha! What a lovely treat! Come visit us anytime in Raleigh-Durham and teach us your routines!
-- Beth

Anonymous said...

I am So SORRY I didn't make it to the lobby in time.

Please, tell us you'll have that workshop.....and the following "recital" at next Pantheacon???????