Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Alighting from Starwood '07

Honor and praise for Aphrodite is perennial.

Starwood is a phenomenon unto itself, a wonderful one!

This year Corby came with me. That made the entire experience so much more fun. (Not to mention the ease of traveling with a companion so you can buy coffee without dragging all your carry-on with you, and use the restroom without having to struggle getting the carry-on into the stall with you. Whew!)

The weather is difficult to adjust to for us soft, spoiled Californians. Stickiness is the operative word when it comes to Starwood weather. We had rains off and on, plus a brief but intense, and close, thunderstorm just as I was concluding my "Earth Religion & the City" workshop. That workshop, I think, went well. There were people from inner-city Detroit, Phoenix, Shreveport, LA, and several closer Northeast locations.

This year I managed to get to a few workshops other than my own. One was Ian Corrigan's "Building a Personal Paganism," which was excellent and informative and provided a good lead-in to my two-part "Buffing & Polishing for Self-Taught Witches & Covens."

My thanks to Liafal & Ian, Steph, AC, Maddox & Sydney, Bruce & Linda, Gnorm the charioteer, Jeff Rosenbaum, Lisa the registrar, and all the other hardworking Chameleons who made our participation possible.

And no thanks to whatever it was that bit me and whatever it is that has made my feet, ankles, lower legs, hands and fingers so marred, weepy and itchy! Hopefully it will be gone by the time I reach Amherst, Massachusetts for CHS' biannual intensive/CoG's Leadership Institute, followed by Grand Council amidst MerryMeet.

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