Friday, February 23, 2007

More on My Poppy Tatts

One tidbit about PantheaCon you probably won't see on any other blog is that they had a tattoo contest. I entered five of mine -- to enter, they take a photo and you fill out a form saying when you got it, who did it, and why, or its meaning to you. My new California poppies by Heath Preheim at Spider Murphy's in San Rafael, won "best floral." The amazing joi wolfwomyn won for "greenest"; she has bright green leaves tattooed like a mustache on her upper lip and as a soul patch beneath her lower lip.

Red Dawn Rising from Southern California had California poppies tattooed on her shoulders around the same time as I did my arms. We compared thoughts and tatts at PantheaCon.

And on the subject of tattoos, my all-time favorite tattoo artists, Vyvyn Lazonga, was interviewed this week on SF Gate by David Ian Miller, the same religion reporter who interviewed me at Samhain '05.

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