Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our New Kitties

Oona, fka Bubbles

Fernando is the one in front.

On January 13th, I sent this news to a few friends:

Here are Fernando and Bubbles. (Bubbles is undergoing a name change, top contenders being Oona, Mercedes and Isabel.) Marmalade and white Fernando is from an all-male litter called the F Troupe. Bubbles, a medium-haired calico, is from an all-female litter born of a petite mama. One litter was imported to the Bay Area from Manteca and the other from Merced (hence the possible name Mercedes), Valley communities where low-cost spaying and neutering is not available so more kittens need adoptive homes. Fernando is 10 weeks old, Bubbles 8, both are neutered.

They were adopted from The Milo Foundation in Berkeley. Even though they’re from different litters, they adapted to each other instantly, playing, sleeping and grooming together. Mr. Fernando is a regular purring machine, and is a tremendous leaper. Bubbles is full of curiousity, so tiny she can lie on my arm.

Both slept with us last night, in a little pile. They’re great fun. We’re really enjoying them and looking forward to having them in our family for many years to come.
That was nearly two weeks ago. Tonight they are tearing all over the house. They are at least twice the size they were when they arrived here. Two weeks ago they could curl together on my lap; now they've grown so that one or the other of them tends to slide off. Fernando is bigger and purrs more readily and louder, but spunky Oona (aka Oona Banoona) holds her own with him.

I took this photo last week. You can't photograph them in action because they bounce off the walls. They move like lightning.

Oona and Fernando, age 9 and 11 weeks, respectively.


Yewtree said...

Aww, cute!

Bobby D. said...

I vote for OONA ....

heather said...

They look so sweet when they are sitting still and not tearing around the house....