Saturday, August 30, 2008

On Trees, Aging, Community & Cottage Mates

Three friends, Lord Verderius, Macha & Canu, 'neath ancient oak

I recently returned from MerryMeet, CoG's annual Grand Council (business meeting) and festival. This year two Local Councils, Touchstone and Orange County, hosted MerryMeet at Highland Springs Resort , a former stop on the Butterfield State Coach Line through the San Gorgonio Pass on the Bradshaw Trail from Los Angeles to Yuma, Arizona.

I can just imagine what an oasis Highland Springs would be to stage drivers and passengers on a hot August day's journey. They changed horses and rested, sometimes under an oak that's several hundred years old. They say it's seen hangings in its day. Here are some photos that show its age and massiveness.

I shared a wee cottage with two charming mates, Canu and Lord Verderius from Everglades Moon Local Council in Florida. The place had the look of one of those LA courtyard apartments from a Raymond Chandler novel, with cacti, flowers, butterflies, tiled roofs and plenty of dust, dry air and hot sun.

I spent a lot of my time there with the two of them and my friend Cary the Fairie from Santa Cruz. They're all male friends much younger than I, men I have great fondness for. I felt looked after. We stood together for the main ritual. Verderius fetched me a chair when my back started aching from standing too long. I felt supported, appreciated, enjoyed. Like I found more Witch kin.* And Cary? Well, Cary and I don't see enough of each other, but we always know each other is there.

May our friendships endure and grow strong like the mighty oak.

* One could stretch a point and consider Canu and me kin via Coven Ouroborous Isis Gnosis in New England.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm so jealous! Look at you with my boys! And so while we're stretching, then you and I could be kin since Canu is my HP ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love this blog-entry and the pictures! I have not seen such a beautiful tree in a long time - living here in palm-tree city (tampa, florida). This took me back to my childhood in Germany,mighty trees are often to be found there!


sage said...

Beautiful Pictures!