Friday, October 30, 2009

Samhain Blessings

Photo by Peter Hughes (RIP)

Blessed Samhain to All on Every Plane of Existence!

Well, folks, I had this very cool audio file I was gonna share here for our Samhain pleasure, but having just spent several hours on tons of sites, registering places to upload audio files, and then being unable to make it happen, I give up. At least for now. I'm tired. I got to the point where I had the choice to upload, but when I went to my computer to choose a file, it wouldn't permit me to upload an iTunes file. So, alas! no cool audio this Samhain.

That said, you can hear a Samhain Service on "Mama Fortuna Honoring Our Ancestors" and an interview on "Paradigms: Visions of a Viable Future, with Baruch and Guests." In addition, Cypress Fey produced these three little informal chats about Tradition of Altar Building, Interfaith Friends, and Invocation of the Mighty Dead.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Witches' work is turning the wheel,
And round the wheel doth turn.
~ Steven Posch


Caroline Tully said...

Fabulous Photo!!!!

Sabbat Tidings, (Samhain in your northern hemisphere case),



moonwulf said...

I love the photo -- I would like to follow your blog but I don't see that option on your page! Is there something that I am missing?

vs-f said...

One of the best photos of you I've ever seen.